Yours Drooly Nylon Muzzle Xsmall

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The Yours Droolly PlaySafe Soft Adjustable Nylon Muzzle by Masterpet is a gentle, yet effective way to help restrain your dog. This is a great alternative to a wire muzzle. The muzzle restricts them from biting, chewing and barking, but allows them to drink and pant (when fitted correctly).

Please ensure you have the correct size muzzle for your dog - there is a sizing chart and some sizing examples below. Muzzle's are non-returnable items for hygiene and safety reasons.

Do not leave your muzzled dog unattended - muzzling is for physical restraint, not punishment.

Strong construction, yet soft and flexible
Fully adjustable, easy to use
Stops dogs biting, chewing and barking
Allows drinking and panting
Not easily dislodged by the dog