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We stock a wide range of superior quality fish food and nutritional products and supply them to our customers. All our products are approved, proven to meet the specific nutritional needs of various fish breeds and make them healthy, happy, and look good.


Why Is Right Fish Nutrition Important?

Whether you are a fish hobbyist or growing them for income, a well-balanced diet is important for the health of your fish. Often, fish with lack of proper nutrition and deficiency of vitamins struggle with stunted growth and deformities.

Unlike pets or other domestic animals, people often fail to notice the nutritional imbalances of their fish. In addition to making your fish weak, deficiencies of vitamins can also affect the immune system response that helps them to prevent various diseases.

When your fish is fed with a balanced diet, it can help your aquatic pet to produce antibodies to stay healthy. Therefore, you need to feed your fish with varied diets that supplement carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Wide Range Of Fish Foods

At Warragul Pet Emporium, we offer a wide variety of fish food and nutrition supplements by understanding their growth and development needs. Choose the food and supplements based on the fish breed, size, and specific nutritional needs.

Are you searching for tropical fish food to feed your fish breed? We have a range of pellets, tropical crisps, tropical flakes and more with the right quantity of protein, vitamins, minerals etc. You can also choose baby shrimps, granules and more. We also stock a great variety of feeders for cold-water fish breeds and you can choose them for your Shubunkins, Goldfish and other fancy varieties.

Do you want to ensure the nutrition for your fish when you are away for the weekend? We also offer weekend feeders that are made to supply the nutrition for your fish for five, seven or fourteen days based on your travel plans. All our products are highly digestible, leave minimal waste and promote the growth of your fish.

Browse our range of fish foods and supplements and choose the products for the health of your fish. Do you want some assistance in choosing the right products for your fish species or have specific questions to buy fish food online? Contact us today to get guidance and advice from our experts.

Australia-Wide Delivery

We deliver across Australia, and you can get bulk fish food delivered at your doorstep.

We always keep our stock updated and endeavour that accurate data is reflected at our online store to give our customers a seamless service. This allows us to process all the orders quickly and dispatch them within three business days. Our excellent delivery network will ensure that you will get your order delivered in 1-7 business days of dispatch. Remote areas can take a little longer.

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