Bird Cage Accessories In Australia

Can you imagine your house without furniture? Your birds may have the same feeling of seeing the cage without accessories. If you treat your pet friend with some essential bird accessories, it can make a huge difference to their comfort, cleanliness, and happiness. Warragul Pet Emporium offers a one-stop solution for an extensive range of bird cage feeders and accessories in Australia. You can rotate cage accessories, feeders, waterers and bird cage toys every week for maximum impact on your pet’s mood. It will help protect your pet from getting bored and frustrated in its cage. Bird or parrot toys are another efficient way of preventing boredom of your pet. We stock and supply a variety of parrot toys in Australia to cater to the needs of various common species of birds.


Explore Our Range Of Bird Cage Supplies

Warragul Pet Emporium has a large selection of bird cage supplies that are designed exclusively for different bird species. We offer tested and approved products that have no loose parts to endanger your pet friend. Both our online shop and in-house store, stock a wide range of bird cage accessories, including bird nets, bird feeders, cane nests, parrot nesting material, false poultry eggs, leg rings, breeding boxes and much more. The list is so long that it is not possible to mention all. Explore our online store today or visit our pet store to find out more about our products. We have different types of perches to stimulate leg muscles and to wear the claws down of your feathery pet. It also promotes jaw and beak exercise and makes them strong.


Other Accessories For Your Pet

We understand that your pet’s environment and wellbeing is vital for you. Our wide selection of products and accessories cater to the needs of your cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, and many other small animals. If you are considering varieties of cat toys online in Australia, then Warragul Pet Emporium is your one-stop destination. We are passionate about the happiness and wellbeing of your pets. We focus on satisfying the type of care and attention your cats and dogs require through our interactive toys and accessories. It does not matter whether you are looking for a cat anxiety natural remedy or the delicious edibles available online that can act as treats for kittens; you can rely on our quality products and services. Our excellent products and services boast that we are your best online shopping platform for pet supplies and a large selection of aquarium filter pump accessories. You can visit our well-stocked pet emporium to explore our wide product selections into action.


We Guarantee Your Pets Safety

We know your pet bird can pluck, pull and peck the accessories because they love chewing and pecking. Hence, we care that they are made of safe materials. All our bird cage supplies are made of non-toxic, natural products and chemical-free colour dyes. Even our plastic products are safe to use and toxin-free. Our wooden accessories can stand-up to the strong beaks of parrots and other birds. Their robust structure and design prevent them from cracking into small pieces. Our commitment to pet care allows us to stock and deliver only genuine quality products that ensure that safety of your feathered friend. Our bird cage accessory collection is suitable for most pet bird species like parrots, budgies, lorikeets, cockatiels, canaries and many others. Our selection also encourages a daily dose of exercise to reduce boredom or stress that your feathered friends may feel in a cage.


What Makes Us Different?

At Warragul Pet Emporium, we have a team of experienced pet lovers who are operating our large warehouse and pet supply store over 10 years. Our team of experts are well-equipped with the knowledge and a thorough understanding of your pet’s mood, behavior, and preferences. Our focus is to make bonding with your pet a rewarding experience because we understand the role your pets play in your life. We follow business standard and principles that make us one of the most reputed and reliable pet shops both, online and in-store. We boast of our:

• Years of industry experience and expertise
• Exceptional customer care and service
• Premium quality, pet-friendly products
• Fast and free local delivery of orders over $50
• Affordable and upfront price
• Complimentary pet weighing
• Honest and transparent service and advice
• Rewards and discounts
• Price match guarantee for identical products
• Your local pet products supplier
• Flexible payment options

Contact Us To Discuss Your Requirement

Our wide selection of bird accessories allows you to enjoy enhancing your bird’s cage. It’s a great experience seeing your loved-one enjoying the new set-up. Call us today on (03) 5622 0888 or fill the enquiry form available online to find out more about our pet care products, accessories and services. Browse online or visit our pet shop located at 1-133 North Rd, Warragul to see our abundant selections.