Interactive Cat Toys In Australia

Whether you want to spoil your new kitten with kitten toys or you are thinking of replacing your cat’s current interactive cat toys, then you are in the right place. Warragul Pet Emporium, as a leading supplier of cat toys, makes sure our extensive range of toys for cats cater to all your needs and requirements. If you are searching for toys for your kitty to help him enjoy playing, pouncing, stalking, or running, you can shop from our huge selection both online and in-store.

Our variety of cat play toys act as the best boredom busters that keep your furry friend physically and mentally active and stimulated. We guarantee that your pet will love all our funky toys. Interactive toys for cats are one of the best ways to bond with your feline friend.

Interactive cat and kitten toys are not only a perfect option for cat’s physical health but also play a crucial part in solving many problems of your pet, like separation anxiety, boredom, and frustration when your cat is alone in the house for an extensive period.

Our cat play toys help your pet to play and have fun. It allows them to stay fit and healthy as well.


Buy Kitten And Cat Toys Online In Australia

Whether you are looking for interactive toys like a Kong toy, a puzzle, treats for kittens or a durable toy made for high energy cats to keep them entertained, you can find all at Warragul Pet Emporium. We supply a wide range of premium quality, entertaining toys for felines from reputed brands like Kong.

Variety of toys like scratch pads, speed circuit, kitty rollers, cat tunnels, sweet toothfish, dangling toys and much more stimulate more playtime, relieve stress levels and eliminate separation anxiety. Explore our online shop or visit your local pet shop today to see our smart collections.

Cats and kittens love to play, chew or scratch on your furniture and other personal belongings. This can drive you crazy because they may damage your furniture or a good pair of shoes. There are multiple health benefits of cats wanting to play.

Toys are the smart ways to keep your indoor cat busy and curious, especially when you are out of your house. It discourages destructive behaviours, redirects their energy, satisfies their predatory instincts, and promotes dental health. We have a good collection of toys for almost all breeds, ages and sizes of cat.

Other Pet Accessories

We understand that your pet’s environment and wellbeing is vital for you. Our wide selection of products and accessories cater to the needs of your cat, dogs, fish, reptiles and many other small animals.

We are passionate about the happiness and wellbeing of your pets. We understand that your cat requires different kinds of attention and our toys ensure the health and wellbeing of your cats and dogs.

Whether you are searching for a cat anxiety natural remedy or cat spray in Australia, you can trust our quality products and services. We are your best online shopping stop for pet supplies, aquarium filter pumps and other accessories.

You can explore our website or visit our well-stocked pet emporium to for the wide selection of pet products and accessories.

We Guarantee Your Pets Safety

We know your cat or little kitten may scratch and chew the toys given to them for playing. Therefore we care that they are made of safe materials. All our cat supplies are made up of non-toxic, natural products and chemical-free colour dyes. Even our plastic toys are safe to use and toxin-free.

Our fibre or electronic toys can stand-up to strong nails and bites of your cat. Their robust structure and design prevent them from cracking into small pieces. Our commitment to pet care allows us to stock and deliver only genuine quality products that ensure that safety of your feline friend.

Our selection also encourages a daily dose of exercise to reduce boredom or stress. We source our products from leading brands, which guarantee quality and standard. They are safe, natural, and non-addictive.

Why Warragul Pet Emporium?

At Warragul Pet Emporium, we have a team of experienced pet lovers who are operating our large warehouse and pet supply store for a many years. Our team of experts are well-equipped with all the knowledge and thorough understanding of your pet’s mood, behaviour, and preferences.

Our focus is to make bonding with your pet a rewarding experience because we value the role your pet has in your life. We follow certain business standard and principles that make us one of the most reputed and reliable pet shops both, online and in-store.

• Years of industry experience and expertise
• Exceptional customer care and service
• Premium quality, pet-friendly products
• Fast and free local delivery of orders over $50
• Affordable and upfront price
• Complimentary pet weighing
• Honest and transparent service and advice
• Rewards and discounts
• Price match guarantee for identical products
• Your local pet products supplier
• Flexible payment options

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Browse our online store today or visit your local pet shop located at 1-133 North Rd, Warragul to see our vast selections. Call us today on (03) 5622 0888 or fill the enquiry form available online to find out more about our pet care products, accessories, and services.

Cat owners across the country are probably all too aware of the problems associated with a bored or stressed-out cat, a situation which is exacerbated if the feline is restricted to living indoors. Behavioural problems manifest themselves in a variety of ways, which nearly all unfortunately, are considered to be detrimental to the owner and the cat. Scratching carpets or furniture and problems using litter trays are the most common, but did you know that introducing some play time into your cat’s day can help alleviate these problems?

At Warragul Pet Emporium, we carry a large range of interactive cat toys that will keep your cat interested and occupied when it may otherwise be suffering from boredom. All the toys we supply, including the Catit Interactive Cat Toys selection are manufactured with your cat’s health in mind. Guaranteed not to contain any materials that may be toxic or harmful to you cat, and similarly assured to be durable and resistant to teeth and claws, our extensive catalogue incorporates toys for every situation.

We have interactive toys such as teaser wands and laser lights but also includes toys that your cat can play with alone at times when you are not available to join in the play. Soft toys, an array of different balls, scratching posts, feeders and treat toys ensure that there is never any need for your cat to be bored again.

Keep your cat healthy and happy by bringing some of the best interactive cat toys available in Australia into their life today!