Huge Selection Of Bird Toys In Australia

Are you wondering how to entertain and stimulate your feathery friends to keep them occupied? Welcome to Warragul Pet Emporium – your desired destination for the huge variety of interactive and foraging bird and parrot toys in Australia. We are passionate about your bird’s welfare and enrichment because we understand that the psychological wellbeing of your pet is as important as physiological. Birds are intelligent creatures. Playing with the toys made for them stimulate their mind and entertain them. It helps to work out their jaw muscles and beak. When your feathery friends become bored, they generally tend to be destructive. The frustrated bird starts showing self-mutilating behaviour like plucking their own feathers and picking at their cage. Our variety of toys for birds play a vital role in health and wellbeing. It redirects their natural behaviours like chewing, preening and foraging.


Variety Of Bird Toys Online

Buying bird toys online has never be easier, as you can access a wide variety of toys at the click of a button. We stock and supply a wide range of bird toys, both online and in-store. Whether you are searching for a miniature bird toy, ladder, bird hut, treat stick, hanging bell, climbing mat, or parrot ring we are your one-stop solution for all. We understand the need and preference of your feathery pet. Your pet bird prefers to play with the things that jingles and dangles. Do you think your pretty bird’s cage will look complete with a mirror? We supply different types of bird’s mirrors – mirrors with beads, mirrors with a bell, mirrors with multi-coloured ladders and many more. They are available in different colours, shapes, sizes, and styles. These types of toys are enticing for your pets and encourage their activities. Explore our store today to find out more. We also stock various types of birdcage feeders. They are available in multiple dimensions to suits different bird species including the Canaries, Lorikeets, Conures, Lovebirds, Finches, Budgies, Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks and many others. Made from premium quality, extra-thick, food-grade materials, these bird feeders are designed and tested to guarantee your bird’s comfort and ease of use. It helps in eliminating waste and mess in the cage.

What Our Pet Shop Can Do For You?

Besides toys for birds and other accessories, our well-stocked pet emporium also supplies an extensive range of products for your cat, fish, dog and other types of small animals. If you are looking for buying different types of cat toys online in Australia, then Warragul Pet Emporium is your preferred destination. We understand that your cat requires different kinds of attention and our toys ensure the health and wellbeing of your cats and dogs. Whether you are searching for a cat anxiety natural remedy or the delicious food items that can act as treats for kittens, you can count on us for quality products and services. We are your best online shopping stop for pet supplies with a large selection of aquarium filter pump accessories.

Your Pet’s Safety – Our Topmost Priority

We know your bird will pluck, pull and peck toys because they love chewing and preening. Hence, they must be made of safe materials. All our pet toys and accessories are made up of non-toxic, natural products and chemical-free colour dyes. Our wooden toys can stand-up to the strong beaks of parrots and other birds. Their robust structure prevents them from cracking into small pieces. Our commitment to pet care allows us to stock and deliver only genuine quality products that ensure that safety of your feathered friend.

Why Trust Warragul Pet Emporium

At Warragul Pet Emporium, we have a team of experienced pet lovers who are operating our large warehouse and pet supply store for many years. Our committed staff possess a wealth of experience and expertise in understanding the behaviour and preferences of your pet. We help in making the bonding with your pet a rewarding experience for you. We maintain standard and ethics that make us one of the most preferred choices of pet owners in your town. They are:

  • Years of industry experience and expertise
  • Premium quality, pet-friendly products
  • Exceptional customer care and service
  • Fast and free local delivery of orders over $50
  • Honest and transparent service and advice
  • Affordable price range
  • Complimentary pet weighing
  • Rewards and discounts
  • Your local pet products supplier
  • Price match guarantee for identical products
  • Flexible payment options

Contact Us Today To Find Out More

Browse our online store today or visit your local pet shop located at 1-133 North Rd, Warragul to see our products and accessories into action. Call us today on (03) 5622 0888 or fill the enquiry form available online to find out more about our pet care products, accessories, and services.