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Does your canine friend bark for unknown reasons, aggressively chew, or show restlessness? Are you searching for dog calming products to manage the stress and anxiety of your pup?

Welcome to Warragul Pet Emporium – the all-inclusive store for pet care products in Australia.

We offer an excellent range of calmatives for dogs that can give the much-needed relief for your adorable friend. All our products are approved, safe, provide effective stress relief for dogs and are sourced from the leading brands of the industry.


Why Should You Get Calmative For Your Dog?

It is reality that dogs experience stress, anxiety, fear and various emotional imbalances like humans. A study by Scientific Reports confirms that more than 70 per cent of pet dogs experience some form of anxiety and fear.

The major factors that trigger anxiety and fear in dogs are the following:

  • Noise sensitivity – fireworks, thunderstorms and more
  • Separation anxiety
  • Age-related problems
  • Illness-induced issues
  • Generalised anxiety – without any proper reason

Dogs with anxiety and fear often behave differently. They may show aggression, destructive behaviour, depression, restlessness, compulsive, or repetitive behaviour and more. Canines with high anxiety issues often defecate in the house, bark excessively, drool, pant and pace. Some dogs even mess up the house to show their anxiety and fear.

It is important for you to address the anxiety-related concerns of your four-legged friend as soon as you notice these symptoms. High anxiety in dogs can lead to a slew of behavioural issues if untreated. Continued stress-related issues of dogs can get reflected in their health and affect the human-pet relationship.

Therefore, you should get dog anxiety treatment options as soon as you observe the stress issues in your fur kid.

Stress-Relief Products At Your Fingertip

Warragul Pet Emporium offers various types of products for stress relief for dogs. We have solutions that specifically address the reasons for anxiety and soothe your pup. Some of our range of anxiety remedies for dogs are following:

  • Thunder jackets
  • Dog anxiety vests
  • Calm tablets
  • Transport sprays
  • Home diffuser kits
  • On-the-go collars

Does your puppy get very alarmed in stormy weather or when they hear fireworks? We offer an excellent range of thunder jackets and calming vests in various sizes that apply gentle pressure on your pet friend – like a big hug. This can quickly relieve their stress and make them calm.

When you take your pup outdoors, do they seem to be distressed with loud noises, fear of the outdoors and more? Our on-the-go collars are an excellent option to make your pet comforted as these collars release calming pheromones. These pheromones are similar to the ones that are generated by mother dogs to calm their puppies. You can use these collars even indoor to manage the stress and anxiety of your pet friend.

Explore our range of dog calming products and see what can best work for your canine friend. Do you need assistance to choose the right calmative for your dog? Contact our team of experts to get quick guidance and assistance.

Australia-Wide Delivery

We offer Australia-wide delivery for all our products. It allows you to get all your pet supplies delivered at your doorstep. We endeavour to keep all our stock up-to-date and ensure that our customers receive a seamless experience by choosing us for their pet care needs.

We process all the orders quickly and dispatch them within three business days of ordering. Our delivery network across Australia ensures that our customers get their products within 1-7 business days from the date of dispatch. Delivery times are a little longer in remote areas.

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