Dog Collars, Harnesses, And Leads In Australia

Are you searching for dog collars, harnesses, or leads in Australia to manage your canine companion better? Do you want superior quality pet products and accessories to ensure the safety of your pet?

Welcome to Warragul Pet Emporium – the one-stop destination for pet care products in Australia.

We offer an excellent range of dog harnesses, leads, and dog collars in Australia. All our products give complete comfort to your animal and are available in a wide variety of styles and designs.

Walking with your dog is fun with our range of dog harnesses and collars!


Widest Range Of Dog Collars

We have the widest range of dog collars that help you to restrain and identify your animal. Our products are designed to provide added protection for dogs and you have the option to make a style statement for your adorable friend with our products.

They are available in different designs based on your pet breed and routine. You can choose flat, choker, slip, martingale and electronic collars from our range of products. Our products are designed to give greater comfort to dogs, and they never feel restricted.

You can choose leather, nylon, metal, and fancy collars from us. All our dog collars are available in different sizes, colours, and designs. No matter you choose our dog training collars will give a completely hassle-free experience for your pet friend.

Dog Harnesses For Better Protection

Do you prefer to choose a dog harness for your pet instead of a collar as you think it can secure the pup better? We have a wide range of dog harnesses that are especially designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety for dogs. It is a great choice for you to manage and control your dog better in crowds or on busy streets.

No matter if you have a puppy or a large dog, our range of harnesses are available in different sizes and designs. The harnesses are made from synthetic materials, high-quality nylon and leather. You can choose harnesses in different colours, with multiple control methods and additional padding for extra comfort.

Dog Leads For Total Control Of Your Dog

Warragul Pet Emporium also offers a range of training dog leads to ensure total control of your dog when you go for an outdoor adventure with them. We offer dog leads in different lengths to help you train your pet in various environments. You can also choose specially-designed dog harnesses and leads that are built together to work as a single unit. It gives you better control and provides more comfort for your pet.

We stock some of the sophisticated dog leads and harnesses on the market that feature advanced shock-absorbing technology. It allows you to take control of your pet without straining your joints and muscles even when the animal is pulling forward. We also have leads that you can adjust the length. You can help your pet friend look great when you are out!

Australia-Wide Delivery

Warragul Pet Emporium offers Australia-wide delivery for all our products, including dog collars, harnesses, leads, dog trimmers, bird accessories, and more.

We dispatch all your products within three business days. Our excellent delivery network will ensure that you will receive the pet products in 1-7 businesses days of dispatch. Remote areas may take a little longer. If you have specific questions on our shipping policy or delivery service, contact us to talk to our team.

A Complete Service

Warragul Pet Emporium is an all-inclusive store for your pet needs. We offer dog food, kennels, treats, clothes, accessories, anxiety control products, bedding, grooming products and dog muzzles in Australia. Browse our dog section for all your pet needs and get them delivered at your doorstep.

We also have an excellent range of care products and supplies for your pets and livestock. Do you want fish tanks, cat sprays or bird toys in Australia? Go through our product categories to address your pet and livestock supply needs.

At Warragul Pet Emporium, we endeavour to keep our stock up-to-date to avoid the last-minute confusion related to order processing. We stock fine quality pet and livestock products from the leading brands as we want to ensure the health of your animals. Additionally, we offer all our products at affordable prices as we focus on creating a value-based relationship with our customers.

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