Cat Calming Products In Australia

Cats experience mood swings due to various reasons. Like any animal, cats also struggle with anxiety, stress and other emotional imbalances that require adequate support.

Do you want to help your pet to manage stress and anxiety better and want cat calming products? Are you searching for cat anxiety relief options to support your fur kid with their erratic behaviour?

At Warragul Pet Emporium, we offer a range of cat anxiety and stress relief products to calm our pet friends. All our products can soothe your little soul quickly and make them completely relaxed from their emotional breakdown or ferocious behaviour.


Reasons For Cat Anxiety

Cats show emotional imbalances and anxiety when they don’t feel comfortable in an environment. They can quickly feel disturbed or distressed due to a number of reasons:

  • A change in their routine
  • Introduced to a new environment
  • The presence of a previously unknown animal
  • Pain or illness
  • Exposure to toxic materials
  • Overstimulation
  • Separation anxiety

Notably, a house remodelling or a raised voice can make your great companion panic and you should look for ways to relieve your cats anxiety. If your feline struggles from pain, illness or exposure to toxic materials, you should quickly get the assistance of your vet.

If your little animal is going through stress and anxiety, you will find them restless and disturbed. They may refuse to eat, defecate outside their litterbox, hide behind curtains and walls, scratch on walls and floors, cower in fear and more.

As a pet owner, it is important for you to keep the anxiety of your fur baby under control to maintain a positive human-pet relationship.

How To Address Cat Stress?

Warragul Pet Emporium offers cat products that give almost immediate effects to relieve stress for cats. We supply the cat calming products of leading brands in the market that are proven to deliver safe, effective calming results. There are many options we offer to cat owners to manage the behavioural changes of their pets.


It provides stress relief for cats when they are at home or on-the-go. FELIWAY spray is an excellent choice if you want to travel with your pet and make the journey less stressful for them. Importantly, never apply the spray on the cat directly; instead, apply on the areas marked by your cat or the walls and floors they scratch.

Apply on any area 15 minutes before you allow your pet to those areas to avoid direct exposure. If you are planning to travel with your pet, apply the spray in the cat carrier 15 minutes before its use. You can re-spray every 4-5 hours while travelling to get lasting stress relief results for your feline.

At home, it is recommended to apply the spray daily or when your pet friend is stressed.

FELIWAY Diffuser Set

FELIWAY diffuser set is a great way to ensure constant comfort for your animal at home. The clinically proven and vet-recommended solution contains ingredients that act like natural cat pheromones and help your pet to manage the stress. This plug and play product can cover an area up to 70 square meters and alleviate the stress signs of your cat, such as scratching, hiding, and spraying.

You can use this cat anxiety natural remedy permanently to make your cat calm all the time. It is particularly recommended when you move, redecorate, or renovate the home, you have a new family member, or a new pet introduced to your environment.

Check your diffuser monthly and replace it every six months to ensure optimal results.


Do you use FELIWAY diffuser and are happy with its results? We also offer 48ml refill vial for the diffuser to make your cat active, playful, and stress-free. The ingredients present in the refill can work like natural cat pheromones and instantly calm your cat.

The refill lasts for a month; try to replace the refill monthly to keep your pet feeling safe and secure in your environment.

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