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We stock and supply a wide range of dog grooming tools and products to help our customers to make their canine companions pretty, dashing, and healthy. All our products are from the leading brands of the dog grooming equipment and supplyies industry to ensure a hassle-free grooming experience for your four-legged friend.


The Importance Of Dog Grooming

Dogs are much more susceptible to their environment than you think, and this increases the need for frequent grooming to make keep them healthy and clean. The changing seasons of Australia pose various challenges to specific dog breeds. If your pet has plenty of white furs, you need to be extra careful as dirt and debris can make your pet furfriend look shabby and cause skin diseases.

Dead hair is another concern that can make the pet look older and tired. Matting and tangling of fur can trap fleas and cause itching. Therefore, you should brush your pet at regular intervals to keep their hair look shiny and healthy.

Additionally, give your pup a bath at regular intervals – based on the skin type and the hair length – to make them more adorable, fresh, and smell great. A bath can also remove various types of allergens trapped on their skin and make the skin healthy. This is especially important if you take the your pet for outings frequently.


A to Z Grooming Supplies

Our unlimited product range gives you the option to get all your dog grooming kit and product needs in a few clicks. Ensure the best care for your pup with the following doggie supplies: 

  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Shedding tools
  • Bathrobes and towels
  • Dog shampoo bars
  • Deodorants and sprays
  • Grooming rakes and combs
  • Shed control clothes
  • Thinning scissors and nail clippers
  • Dog trimmers and attachments
  • Dog grooming kits
  • Grooming gloves and combo brushes
  • Furminators

Browse our full range of products to make the grooming of your pet effortless and ideal for their health and welfare needs. We know that your canine friend deserves special treatment, and we take all steps to support you with our products.

Do you see a lot of fleas in and around your property and notice that your companion is disturbed with the invaders? Our range of flea bombs and flea shampoos can aid you to make your pet pleasant calm and happy. You can also check out for our dog calming product range to address the distress of your pet.

High-Quality Grooming Products

Regardless of the type of dog grooming supplies you choose from us, all our products are clinically approved, safe, and of superior quality. Our wide range of products also helps you to choose the right supplies that do no harm to your pup.

We have supplies for various pet breeds based on their age, fur type, characteristic features of their skin, and more. We know how much you care for your adorable puppy, and we reciprocate return the same feelings and don't compromise on the quality of products.

Does your pet friend have sensitive skin, and are you worried that the grooming products can complicate things? We stock a range of conditioners and shampoos with natural ingredients. Apart from cleaning the skin and fur of your pup, our products can make soothing soothe action on their skin.

Australia-Wide Delivery

At Warragul Pet Emporium, we offer Australia-wide delivery service for all our products. We always endeavour to keep our stock up-to-date to quickly address the product needs of our customers and deliver an exceptional service.

Our order processing system allows us to dispatch the orders within three business days. Our wide delivery network ensures that all our customers get their products delivered within 1-7 business days from the date of dispatch. You can get your products delivered for FREE if the total cost of the order is $100 or more and you are located in Victoria. We charge a flat rate for shipping outside Victoria. Learn more about our shipping policy here.

Do you have any specific questions on ordering, dispatch, or delivery? Contact our team today to get the information you wanted.


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At Warragul Pet Emporium, we offer a wide range of pet and livestock products to help our customers with pets and domestic animal management. From dog training collars, dog food to cat dental treats, we have all types of products to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pets.

Do you have special requirements and search for dog muzzles in Australia to better manage your pet friend when going outdoors? Browse our range of products for various types of pet products, including parrot toys in Australia.

While offering an excellent range of high-quality products, we also ensure that our products are affordable to our customers. You can contact us if you want specific tips, suggestions, and information on pet care. Our expert team have a deeper knowledge of pet care, including their your fur babies characteristics, and guide you to ensure proper care for your pets.


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