Yours Droolly Toilet Training Aid 50ml

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Yours Droolly Toilet Training Aid 50ml is a highly effective formula to help toilet train your young puppy. This powerful formula is a convenient tool to help your puppy transition from toileting indoors to outdoors and includes odoriferous compounds to attract your pet and encourage urination in a specified area of your choosing. The key features of Yours Droolly Toilet Training Aid 50ml are:

Handy dropper bottle solution helps to make toilet training quicker and easier.
Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
Drop onto puppy training pads to attract your dog to a consistent toilet area.
Can be used to help your puppy make the move from going to the toilet indoors to urinating outdoors.
Contains attractant scents made from a combination of odoriferous compounds to encourage your pet to soil in a chosen spot.
Non-toxic and safe-to-use near pets as directed.
Made in Australia.