Vetsense Otiderm 500ml

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OTIDERM Ear Cleaner and Wound Cleansing Solution

To encourage healing in dogs, cats and horses when this is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue, coagulum, debris or wax. This may occur in traumatic injury, surgical wounds and otitis externa.

VETSENSE OTIDERM aids in the removal of dead tissue and embedded debris by causing maximum differential swelling between living and dead areas. This is achieved in two ways:

The low pH causes separation of collagen molecules by rupturing the hydrogen bonding. The optimum pH to achieve this effect is between pH2 and pH3.
The organic acids react with carboxyl and amino groups in the collagen. The insertion of the organic acid forces the collagen chains apart.

In both cases, the devitalised tissues absorb water and swell markedly. Healthy tissues are unaffected because of natural barriers to the organic acids and sufficient buffering capacity to maintain a near neutral pH

Active Constituents
Malic acid Benzoic acid Salicylic acid Propylene glycol
22.50 mg/mL 1.50 mg/mL 0.37 mg/mL 415.00 mg/mL

Directions for Use
For topical application only.
General cleansing: The solution should be used generously to remove dirt, grit, coagulum, etc.
The residual solution will promote sloughing of de-vitalised tissues.
Otitis externa: Use liberally to clean the ear canal. Where hardened wax is present the solution may be left in-situ, thereby softening the wax and allowing easy removal next day. The application may be repeated 2-3 times daily as necessary.

Contraindications & Warnings
Do not use this product in the treatment of otitis externa if the animal has a ruptured ear drum.
Do not use in conjunction with other products as these will almost certainly neutralise and reduce the effectiveness of the product.
Contact with the eyes should be avoided as the solution may prove an irritant on account of its low pH