Veggie Patch Nibblers Watermelon

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Veggie Patch Edible Watermelon Nibblers

Suitable for: rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets who like to nibble!

Recommended for: when you want to give your little critter a treat between meals.

Just like kids, its important to make sure your rabbit, guinea pig or other nibbling animal companion eats their fruits and veggies! Faunas Veggie Patch edibles are made from seagrass, loofa and corn husks, and are coated with all-natural vegetables dyes that are safe to be ingested by your pets. They provide a cute dental fix for gnawers, assisting in keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Made from seagrass, loofa and corn husks
Coated with all-natural vegetable dyes
Safe to be ingested
Provides a cute dental fix, assisting in keeping rabbit, guinea pig and rodent teeth and gums healthy