Urs Round Mesh Cover 13*20cm

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URS Ready Wired Mesh Cover

With over 50 years of husbandry, breeding and health experience, Ultimate Reptile Supplies are a trusted source for all your reptile requirements. URS produce a wide range of Australian-made vivariums, terrariums, heating and light systems, instruments, feed, supplements and habitat accessories.

This mesh cover is designed to fit over your globe to prevent your reptile coiling around the heat source, preventing burns. This cover includes a convenient ceramic ES fitting and a drop down base, making it easier than ever to warm up your reptile.

Protects your reptile from burns
Allows through heat and light whilst preventing direct contact with the heat source
Ceramic ES fitting with cord included
Compatible with infrared, Oz Purple, Basking, Oz Ceramic and Compact lamps
Drop down base for easy access
Dimensions: 13 cm (diameter) x 20 cm (height)