United Pets Biogradable Bon Ton Bags Green 30 Bags

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Needless to say, we’re big fans of the Bon Ton Waste Bag Dispenser from United Pets. It’s designed in Italy, and it’s a fun, elegant solution to a problem that’s totally not elegant at all.

If, like us, you’re a big fan of the Bon Ton, you’re going to need these: United Pets' Bon Ton Biodegradable Waste Bags. Once you’ve used the bags that come included with your Bon Ton, these biodegradable refill bags are the way to go. When it’s time to take your doggo for a walk, just pop a new roll into your Bon Ton and you’re ready!

Designed in Italy
Eco friendly, made from biodegradable materials that will decay naturally when it's thrown away
Suitable for use with the Bon Ton, or with most other standard sized waste bag dispensers
Includes three rolls, each with ten bags
After a different colour? No problem - here’s our whole range of Bon Ton refills
You don’t have a Bon Ton yet? You’re missing out! Go on - take a look!