Trouble & Trix No More Stains & Odours 750ml

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rouble and Trix No More Stain and Odour Cat Spray

Trouble and Trix are passionate about cats and strive to help cat lovers build a stronger bond with their fur baby. From treats and toys, to keeping their environment clean and hygienic, Trouble and Trix ensures you will always win your cat’s affection.

Trouble and Trix No More Stain and Odour Spray is specially formulated to remove nasty stains, odours and pet pheromones. This easy-to-use spray uses oxygen and enzyme technology to penetrate deep and eliminate odours on contact. Effective on new or old stains, this formula is designed for use on carpets, upholstery, pet bedding and other household surfaces. Trouble and Trix No More Stain and Odour Spray will leave you house smelling fresh and clean.

Key Features

Stain and Odour Removal Spray
Eliminates stains, odours and pet pheromones
Enzyme and oxygen-based formula
Effective on old or new stains and odours