Trouble & Trix Bliss Tunnel 90cm

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Trouble and Trix are passionate about cats, and strive to help cat lovers build a stronger bond with their fur baby. From treats and toys, to keeping their environment clean and hygienic, Trouble and Trix ensures you will always win your cat’s affection.

Trouble and Trix Bliss Tunnel stimulates play and exercise in your cat. Bright and colourful this tunnel is available in two lengths, 50 cm and 90cm, and will be endless fun for your cat. Made with crunchy material and dangling ball toys infused with catnip it will help your cat display normal play behaviour. Catnip is derived from the mint family and can stimulate play in cats. It can also have a calming effect and discourage anti-social or destructive behaviour. This natural, highly potent agent is safe and found to be most effective in young adult cats. Perfect for indoor games of hide and seek.

Key Features

Brightly coloured play tunnel
Complete with catnip infused dangling balls
Stimulates play & exercise
Available in 50cm and 90cm length**
Suitable for cats and kittens of all ages
**PLEASE NOTE that the 50cm tunnel does not come with a hole in the middle of the tunnel for play.