Tetra Pro Corywafers 150g

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Pro Cory Wafers

Suitable for: omnivorous grazers, bottom-feeders, corys, plecos

Inventors of the classic fish flake food we all know and use today, Tetra is a go-to name for their expertise in ornamental fish nutrition, tank care and maintenance and much more.

Tetras Pro Cory wafers are a premium food containing shrimp and potato protein for easy digestibility, with their protein levels ideal for omnivorous grazing fish species. This sinking food is formulated for bottom-feeders.
For omnivorous bottom-feeders2-in-1 premium dietContains shrimp and potato proteinsDual extrusion formula: a shrimp core with an immune-boosting exteriorComplete, daily diet with proprietary immune-nutrition formulaPatented PRO Care formula with biotin and glucanClear Water formula for less waste and better water quality