Tetra Decoart Red Ludwigia L

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Tetra DecoArt Plantastics Red Ludwigia is a natural-looking artificial version of water primrose. Its red and green leaves are particularly eye-catching. The unusual appearance also makes red ludwigia a popular choice for creating contrast with other aquatic plants.

It is also ideal for concealing technical equipment like filters and heaters. Whereas real aquatic plants often experience difficulties if positioned near filters or heaters, such equipment has no effect on the artificial version.

Although it cannot replace the natural functions of a real plant, this lifelike replica still provides a great place for fish to spawn or hide.

In addition, the artificial red ludwigia not only looks deceptively real but also moves naturally in the aquarium current.

Quick and easy to "plant" and can be easily removed from the aquarium again, for example for cleaning under a tap. Secondly, it is highly robust and will not lose either its shape or colour over time.

Available in small, medium or large versions with heights of 15, 23 and 30 centimetres respectively, the artificial water primrose plants can be displayed at the front, middle or back of an aquarium as desired. The large version often even reaches the surface of the water.

All in all, this makes Tetra DecoArt Plantastics Red Ludwigia a diverse and special artificial plant for any aquarium.


Small - 15cm
Medium - 23cm
Large - 30cm