Tropiclean Waterless Cat Shampoo Dandruff 220ml

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Dandruff Reducing Waterless Cat Shampoo

Right from the start, TropiClean has been recognised as a leader in natural dog grooming products - their ingredients are safe, naturally sourced and wholesome. For example, they chose coconut oil to cleanse your pets fur thoroughly, and papaya for its skin-conditioning properties…how oddly delicious!

Most cats hate the water…which is why TropiClean has come up with a clever range of waterless washes to keep your cat clean and smelling great without having them embed their claws in you. This dandruff-reducing shampoo contains a mild coconut cleanser, which greatly moisturises and reduces allergens, leaving both you and your cat feeling happy and healthy.

Made in the USAEnvironmentally safe and cruelty freeEspecially for catReduces dandruff between washesMild coconut cleanser moisturises and reduces allergens