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Swordtail, the freshwater fish one can easily mistake for a Guppy or a Platy, is one of the best choices for a pet fish, especially for beginners. Its colours vary. Caught from the wild, the body of the swordtail is generally olive green with yellow and red streaks along its two sides. The wild type of this fish is called Red Swordtail or Green Swordtail.
For some very rare varieties, one would observe colourful and vibrant spots dotting the fins. In captivity, swordtail has been selectively interbred, resulting to a wider range of mixtures of colours. The name swordtail gives justice to its appearance ? specifically, the male?s appearance. The male?s caudal fin protrudes along its lower half, the length of which can reach up to half of the body?s entire length. The female caudal fin has no such protrusion.