Superior Steel Framed Dog Bed Jumbo

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With its fully welded 1.2mm thick steel tube that’s galvanised to prevent rusting from the inside out, this bed was built for the Australian climate. The robust frame comes complete with a 100% bio-degradable cover, the old faithful hessian cover will withstand the harshest environments and hold its own even when exposed to moisture and the elements. Constructed from natural fibres found in the jute plant this durable cover has a natural stretch which allows your pet the comfort to nest. If it ever gives too much, some time in the sun will return its shape. The cover now comes with Velcro tabs for easy fitting & tightening. Any pet will love the breathability, joint pressure points relief & support offered by this bed. You’ll love that it prevents ‘woofy’ odours (it allows air to circulate freely), its longevity and replaceable covers. It’s a breeze to keep clean, a hose down will do the trick.

• Proudly assembled in Australia
• Durable fully galvanised steel frame
• Low maintenance
• Hygienic
• Naturally hypoallergenic
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
• External end caps offer maximum protection against rusting & slipping
• Designed for the Australian climate

Complete Bed
118 x 78 x 24cm

Sleeping Area
110 x 78cm

Holds up to 80kg