Superior Hessian Bags Cover Mini 85cm X 66cm

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A natural 100% biodegradable hessian cover for the Superior Pet Goods Raised Dog Bed. Both durable and comfortable for your pet, the old faithful hessian cover will withstand the harshest environments and will hold its own even when exposed to moisture and the elements. Constructed from natural fibres found in the jute plant, this dependable cover has an innate stretch that allows your pet the comfort to nest. It’s also breathable, and being a natural fibre means it’s well suited to pets and homes with allergies. Each Hessian Bag is treated with vegetable oil only, no nasty chemicals! Jumbo – Purple Stripe | Large – Green Stripe | Medium, Small, Mini – No Stripe.

Key Features
Naturally hypoallergenic
Not treated with nasty chemicals
Low maintenance
Easy to fit
Our covers are designed to fit our Raised Bed Frame:

Complete Bed (cm)
Jumbo 118 x 78 x 24
Large 112 x 69 x 22
Medium 106 x 54 x 22
Small 82 x 69 x 19
Mini 82 x 54 x 18

Sleeping Area (cm)
Jumbo 110 x 78
Large 100 x 69
Medium 94 x 54
Small 70 x 69
Mini 70 x 54