Super Fresh Rice Worms 15g

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Jurassic Natural Superfresh Riceworms 15g

SUPER FRESH INSECTS has pioneered a new way to feed Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Small Animals, Birds & Poultry, and Exotics. Organically farmed Super Fresh Insects have been processed in an FDA certified facility where they are sterilized and vacuum packed.

SUPER FRESH INSECTS are free of bacteria and parasites. These preserved insects are not canned, baked or dried and contain the same moisture & nutritional properties of live insects.

These shelf stable insects make a great "Plan B" for feeding your animals in situations where you are unable to source live insects. SUPER FRESH INSECTS are the perfect alternative to fussy eaters who may not take to live food.

Vacuum sealed to preserve moisture and flavour
As nutritious as live foods
Organically farmed without hormones and preservatives
Store unopened at room temperature.
Once opened, product can be kept in freezer for up to 7 days.
Use tongs and wiggle the insect when offering to fussy eaters.

100% Rice Worms, Hypoderma tarandi

Riceworms are highly nutritious and great feeders for young animals and small mouthed animals.