Stay Dry Vet Bedding Blue & White Paws 50x82cm Fits Pp60

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Color & design may vary
This design is rubber backed 1200gsm

Why we love it:

Super thick and super strong. The whole cage becomes a bed
Used by Vets and professional worldwide
Excellent for older pets that need extra padding
Available in 1200gsm (28mm thick) providing excellent heat retention and air circulation properties as well as excellent support for joints
Hygienic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
Highly scratch and chew resistant
Machine washable at up to 40 degrees and cool tumble dried
Keep your pets dry when "accidents" happen as liquid will fall through the thick fleece layer
Cut down into any size with a Stanley knife for custom fit to any cage
Perfect for pets with dust allergies
Does not support bacterial growth
Resistant to permanent staining
Buy larger pieces to cut down to size to custom fit your cage.
Heavy enough that most guinea pigs cannot burrow under
How to Use: (Guide in Photos)

Step 1 - Prepare enclosure

Step 2 - Layout absorbent layer ( we prefer towels which are reusable )

Step 3 - Roll out Vet Bed on top of absorbent layer - READY !

How To Clean:

Step 1 - Spot Clean as needed

Step 2 - Clean absorbent layer when full

Step 3 - Wash Vet Bed every week or when soiled

Step 4 - Wipe down corflute / base of cage

Easy washing tip for vet bed without washing machine.

1. Hangover clothes line and brush with broom to remove particles

2. Hose down or Pressure Wash

3. Allow time to completely dry

4. ( optional ) Vacuum to remove finer particles