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Many dogs are excitable, especially when they re out on a walk in new and interesting places. Excited dogs tug and pull at the leash, wanting to get away from the owner s control so they can explore more at their leisure. Regular collars can be risky in such situations because they place too much pressure on the dog s neck. Experts recommend using a comfortable, good-quality harness for this purpose. The Sporn Mesh Stop Pulling Harness is ideal for excitable dogs and here are some reasons why:

The harness is designed with the aid of veterinarians and has an approved system that accommodates your dog s natural movements.
This system will stop even the hardest pullers humanely, without choking them in the process.
Sporn Mesh Stop Pulling Harness provides ultimate comfort without sacrificing any control. You will easily be able to keep your pet close to you without causing any pain. The harness is padded under the front legs to ensure there s no chafing and the chest has a flexible mesh that moves with your dog s movements.
Getting this one-piece harness on and off your pet is easy and quick.
Sporn Mesh Stop Pulling Harness is made from a durable nylon material that is suitable for Australian weather conditions. It is also resilient and will last for a long time.
The Sporn Mesh Stop Pulling Harness is available in the following sizes:

Small: 9 - 12 inches for dogs of 8 - 25 lbs.
Medium: 12 - 17 inches for dogs of 25 - 60 lbs.
Large: 16 - 24 inches for dogs of 60 - 100 lbs.