Sporn Big Dog Halter

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A spinoff of the Original Sporn Halter, the Big Dog Halter is designed specifically for large breed dogs who are aggressive leash pullers. It is guaranteed to stop your dog from pulling using the patented "Sporn Effect". It's easily transformed into a standard collar when the pull-control function is not needed.

All materials and components are made of the highest quality nylon and nickel-plated hardware to reduce weathering.

Great for leash training
Stops pulling instantly
Reflective restraints for safety
Padded underarm restraints for comfort
Hand washable
Lifetime guarantee (excludes chewing)
COLOUR - Black

Medium: 36-48cm neck and approximately 11-27kg
Large: 48-60cm neck and approximately 27-45kg
X-Large: 60-84cm neck and approximately 45-68kg

WARNING: Do not leave halter on dog unattended. Not to be used as a tie-out or car harness.