Scream Roll O Tumbling Ball Cat Toy Loud Pink & Orange 21cm

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Roll-o Tumbling Ball Cat Toy 21cm

Cats love a good chase session. This battery-operated Roll-o Tumbling Ball Cat Toy will roll front and back and change direction. The flashing lights and feathers will attract the cat and entice the cat to chase and have fun.

This toy is made from a non-toxic and eco-friendly ABS and PP Material.

To Begin:

Press the on/off button once - the ball turns on and will roll around with the lights flashing.

Press the on/off button twice - the ball will switch into second mode which will activate bird sounds and a 10 minute timer.

Press the on/off button a third time - Turns the toy off.

To prevent the cats from getting tired and promoting a healthy play time, when in the second mode the Roll-o Tumbling Ball Cat Toy will switch off after 10 minutes.