Scream Electronic Star Motion Cat Toy Loud Pink & Orange 19x5cm

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Scream Electronic Star Pink Orange 19x5cm

Cats love a good chase session. This Electronic Star Cat Toy has a feather that rotates 360° in sporadic directions. If your cat catches the feather, the star will make a humming noise and try to flick the feather free. Once the cat lets go of the feather, the games begin again and your cat will be mesmerized with the movement of the feather.

To Begin:

Press the on/off button once - this will start the 360° random rotation and a 10 minute timer.
Press the on/off button again - this will turn the toy off before the 10 minute timer has expired.

To prevent cats from getting tired and promoting a healthy play time, the Electronic Star Motion Cat Toy will switch off after 10 minutes.