Scream Cat Interactive Brain Teaser Loud Green/blue 25x19cm

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Screams cat and dog products are all about living life loud - especially when it comes to colour and design. This interactive brain teaser is designed to mentally stimulate your cat while they work for their reward, and engage their problem-solving abilities. If your cat needs extra stimulation during the day, interactive feeders are a great way to resolve boredom or excess energy.

This well-designed strategy game is fun and rewarding, and allows your cat to actively use their mind in ways that keep them satisfied. This feeder may take some time for your feline to figure out, and requires training to teach them how to play. With four different elements, this game offers different levels of difficulty. Let your cat play each one to figure them out, and then combine all four for a real challenge.

Key Features

Interactive toy
Four different engaging elements
Differing levels of difficulty
Stimulates your cats mind
Dimensions:25cm x 19cm

Suitable for: Adult cats.