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Sasha's Blend is Australia's trusted joint health treatment.

Available as a powder, simply sprinkle the recommended amount over your dog's food. Assisting your dog with their joint health has never been easier. Sasha's Blend maintains joint function, promotes mobility and enhances well being.

Packed full of protein, carbohydrates and magnesium to support your little mate's well being. Made from beneficial nutrients that have been proven to relieve arthritic symptoms in canines.

Consider trying Sasha's Blend if your dog suffers from hip dysplasia.

This is a 250g tub.


Contains Stabilized Green lipped Mussel and Abalone. List of ingredients not exhaustive.

All ingredients in Sasha's Blend have been sourced from non-endangered species. Seafood contents are harvested from commercial farms and all ingredients meet strict international conservation requirements.

Feeding Guide:

The amount of powder needed daily will depend on your dog's weight. Check the label to ensure you are giving your dog the right amount. Sasha's Blend should not be used to replace other food. Consult your vet for advice on joint health.

Try Sasha's Blend today and see what all the fuss is about!