Reefe Rp1100 Feature Pump 1100lph

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These pumps are proven performers with low power consumption and high quality construction. Especially designed to be economical and quiet running with generous cable lengths. For improved safety and quality, these pumps are now fitted with RUBBER cable. These pumps have numerous applications for aquariums, garden fountains, table and wall fountains and hydroponics. All are saltwater compatible and are fitted with flow control and pre-filter foam on RP610 upwards and come with various hosetail fittings. RP850 and larger have thermal overload protection. Fully submersible IP68 rating.

• Proven Performance
• Fresh or Salt Water
• Fully Submersible
• Quiet, continuous operation
• Built in flow control (*except on RP3500)
• Rubber Cable H05RN-F
• Spare parts available

*RP3500 Flow Control is on the separate valve piece

Suitable for:

• Water Features, Statues
• Garden Ponds
• Indoor Fountains
• Urns and Amphoras
• Table Fountains
• Hydroponics