Poultry Leg Rings 12mm Mixed 24

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Sometimes identification of chickens that look the same within a flock is necessary, whether you breed large numbers or simply need some way to help your kids tell the difference between the kids chooks, Henny and Penny. Clip on leg bands are the perfect solution without the risk of digging into the legs as the chicken grows – a very common circumstance when you use other methods like coloured cable ties. They are also wide enough to write on with permenant ink, should you need more detail on your banded poultry.

Bainbridge leg rings are available in a range of sizes, with this rough guide to help determine the perfect fit for your flocks –

8mm – Perfect for pidgeons and young poultry.
12mm – Best for bantams and pheasants.
15mm – Suit most standard sized poultry.
21mm – Suit larger fowl, ducks and turkeys.

Features –
– Snap on leg rings for easy application (applied by pressing firmly to lock)
– Reusable
– Wide enough to be written on

Contains – 24 leg rings in a variety of colours