Petsafe Accessory Pro Pack

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Refresh your pet's fencing collar with components from this universal kit. Includes long and short/standard contact points plus replacement pieces for your pet's fence receiver collar. The washers are used to keep the receiver attached to the strap. The protective clear caps help to keep water and debris out of the switch port on receivers with correction level adjustment buttons. The 4 screws can be used to replace the receiver screws on Stubborn Dog receivers.

Compatible with most PetSafe® wireless and In-Ground Fence System and Pawz Away pet proofing barriers.
Compatible with most PetSafe wireless and In-Ground Fence systems.
Not compatible with: Stay+Play Wireless Fence (PIF17-13478)
System Includes
Two 1.3 cm medium stainless steel contact points
Two 1.9 cm long stainless steel contact points
Two angled washers
Two flat washers
Two clear correction level caps
Lid Screws for RF-275 and RF-275S (M2.5 x 0.45 mm x 15 mm Phillips Pan Head)