Peters Lucerne Bowl Dried Carrot 130g

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Lucerne Bowl for Mice, Rats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
Peters Parsley & Lucerne Bowl with Carrot is made specially to keep your pet happy and occupied while delighting the taste buds.

This tasty treat is made from sweet smelling parsley and lucerne with cereal sprinkles and filled with dried carrot chips.

The sweet and chewy carrot will be devoured with gusto while the crunchy parsley and lucerne bowl will provide hours of nibbling pleasure as your pet gnaws its way through the treat. The nibbling action helps to keep teeth trim and aids healthy dentition. You may like to top up the bowl with your pet’s favourite dried fruit from time to time until the bowl has been eaten.

Peters Parsley & Lucerne Bowl with Carrot creates environmental stimulation by providing nibbling activity to keep your pet busy and active.
Suitable for all breeds of adult mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs.
Feed Peters Parsley & Lucerne Bowl with Carrot as a supplement to your pet’s main diet.
INGREDIENTS: Bowl: Parsley (40%), Lucerne (24%), Extruded cereal pieces, Vegetable by-products, Colours. Topping: Dried carrot