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Passwell Fruit and Nut

Recommended for: all medium to large parrots and cockatoos

Wombaroo Food Products and the Passwell range bird foods are based on years of scientific research into the nutritional requirements of birds, mammals, marsupials and reptiles. Many of their formulas are used extensively in world class zoos and wildlife parks including Taronga Zoo, Adelaide Zoo, Currumbin Bird Park, Healesville Sanctuary, Territory Wildlife Park and Gorge Wildlife Park.

Passwell Fruit and Nut is a delicious and healthy treat for medium to large parrots and cockatoos. It contains a blend of nutritious, high quality dried fruits and nuts and is fortified with the addition of Passwell Parrot Pellets for extra protein, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Healthy and nutritious treat for pet and aviary birdsContains a selection of high quality fruit and nutsFortified with Passwell Parrot Pellets for added nutritional value