Oz Hemp Mini 48l Bale

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Suitable for: Rabbits, Birds, Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice

Mini Hemp is the perfect bedding choice for your small pet. The choice of bedding you select for your pet greatly affects their health and wellbeing. Some types of bedding can cause respiratory or ocular issues in small pets, particularly in a confined area such as housing. Straw and newspaper can also cause issues with mould, ammonia, or a lack of absorbency. Instead, Mini Hemp bedding absorbs up to 12 times more liquid than straw, and 4 times more than shavings. Plus, due to the greater absorbency, the top up rate and maintenance is much lower, which reduces your overall bedding cost.

Made from 100% renewable hemp - namely, the delicate wooden core of the hemp plant stem, this bedding is eco-friendly, natural, biodegradable, and compostable, making it easy to dispose in your garden.

These 12, 48 & 100L Packs contain almost zero dust, and have superior odour masking properties. By maintaining a low-ammonia environment, this bedding also promotes a low-humidity environment in the enclosure. With its ability to absorb almost 5 times the moisture of other bedding materials, Mini Hemp Bedding Ozhemp is simply the best bedding for your small pet.

Natural bedding material for small pet enclosures or litter traysHighly absorbent - absorbs up to 12x more liquid than straw, and 4 x more liquid than shavingsSuperior odour masking abiltiyMade from the delicate wooden core of the hemp plant stemBiodegradable & compostable
This item is also available for chickens.