Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Food 2.25kg

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Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit food was formulated with the guidance of reputable veterinarians and pet nutritionists and comes highly recommended by veterinarians worldwide. Buy the best rabbit food online or over the phone at Vet Shop Australia today for a great price. You can have it delivered straight to your home as early as tomorrow by selecting our express shipping option at checkout.


What is in Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food?

Jam-packed full of healthy and nutritious ingredients, Oxbow rabbit food is primarily made of Timothy grass, the best kind of hay you can give your rabbit.

Why choose Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food for your adult rabbit?

Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit food is one of the best rabbit foods on the market and is widely recommended by veterinarians. This is because it’s high in fibre and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

What considerations should I keep in mind while giving my rabbit Oxbow Essentials?

It is important to remember that Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit food is designed to sustain adult rabbits of at least one year of age. Younger rabbits are still growing and need a higher energy diet. Oxbow rabbit food is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing rabbits. In these instances, we encourage you to explore other small mammal products and supplies in our online range to find the best rabbit food for your pet’s needs.

How much should I feed my rabbit?

The recommended daily amount of Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit food changes depending on your pet rabbit’s weight. See the chart below for more details:

0.5-2 kg = 1/8 cup daily
2-3.5 kg = 1/4-1/3 cup daily
3.5-4.5 kg = 1/3-1/2 cup daily
4.5 kg+ = 3/4 cup daily
Please remember that for optimal health, 70% of your rabbit’s diet should be grassy hay. Always make sure they have access to unlimited reserves of grassy hay unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian.