Outdoor Bird Feeder Cappuccino Small

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Kazoo is a brand that cares about pets and understands the joy that animals bring to our lives. The folks behind this Australian business know that pets can enrich our lives, and they are all about making clever and fun pet products to strengthen this special bond.

This feeder is perfect for attractive native wild birds into your backyard. It is not only enjoyable and fun, but environmentally friendly. It is easy to hang outddoors and contains a convenient sheltered roof to keep food dry and fresh. Available in different sizes to accommodate birds of all sizes.

Made from sturdy safe materialsEasy to place, remove and cleanPerfect for attracting native birds into your backyardAvailable in a range of sizes to accommodate different types of birds
Always make sure feeder is cleaned regularly. Native birds have a variety of dietary requirements, so we recommended doing some research to ensure you are providing a suitable diet for birds in your area.

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