Nutrafin Max Cichlid Granules Medium 220g

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Nutrafin MAX Cichlid Medium Sinking Granules

Suitable for: Cichlid

Nutrafin MAX Cichlid Medium Sinking Granules is a complete, nutritionally balanced diet with multivitamins, advanced yeast extracts and natural colour enhancers to keep your fish looking healthy and vibrant. This highly palatable formula contains no artificial colourants and provides superior digestive system support for the ultimate diet for cichlids. Enriched with krill and earthworm meals, these medium sized sinking pellets are ideal for medium sized cichlids.

Key Features

Suitable for Cichlids
Sinking pellets
Highly nutritious with krill and earthworm meals
Advanced Yeast extract and natural colourants
Contains multivitamins and prebiotics
Balanced formula for growth and colour
The fish food container has a specially-designed lid that serves as a convenient dispenser.