Nutrafin Max Baby Fish Formula 45g

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Nutrafin Max Baby Fish Formula 45gm

Nutrafin Max Baby Fish Formula is a nutritious highly palatable formula naturally coloured by its ingredients in a high value format containing 45 g (1.59 oz) of ultra fine granules for many types of baby freshwater tropical fish.

Enriched with calcium, earthworm meal, garlic and spirulina this baby fish food will support quick growth levels and strong conditioning of young fish.

It also contains multi-vitamins and Advanced Yeast Extract for digestive system support and more for the ulitmate in baby fish nutrition.

Suitable for: Baby freshwater Tropical Fish

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Features & Benefits:

Extra fine granules for baby freshwater Tropical Fish
Natural colour enhancers
Multi vitamins
Advanced yeast extract
Added calcium, garlic and spirulina
Feeding Guide:

Feeding instructions: Feed as much as fish can eat in 2 minutes, 2-3 times daily.