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The Murray Cod is named after the Murray River. They are found throughout the Murray Darling basin and surrounding catchment. They generally inhabit slow flowing areas of rivers and choose hollow logs and stumps for their territory and spawning.

Murray Cod are a massive fish with a long, thick and round body with a large mouth. They are a green colour from the top of their backs to the bottom of their body. Their belly is a bright silver or white colour. They have olive green spots all down the sides of their body.

The Murray Cod is an iconic Australian fish. In the first few years of life, the Murray Cod will grow extremely large whether it?s in a tank or pond. With this in mind, you should not keep these in a small tank, they should be started in at least a 90cm tank even then they will out-grow this after a couple of years.

There are no physical differences between the male and female Murray Cod. The only differences are internal so it is difficult to determine the sex.

Murray Cod are not really compatible with any other fish as they grow so big that they will eventually eat the others in the tank or pond. While they are small (about 5cm) they can be good tank mates with golden perch, silver perch, tandanus catfish, some gudgeons and some larger goldfish but remember they do grow fast in the first few years of life.

Murray Cod are carnivorous and will eat a range of different foods including live fish, yabbies and other crustaceans ? as long as it fits in the mouth of the fish it will eat it! They readily eat pellets and frozen foods in the aquarium.

Species ? Maccullochella peelii
Common Name ? Murray Cod
Origin ? Australia.
Diet ? Carnivores
PH Range ? 7 ? 8
Water Type ? Hard
Temperature ? Tropical 8?c ? 24?c
Breed Type ? Egg Layer