Mr Fothergills Cat Grass - Sprouting

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Cats like to chew on grass as an aid to digestion and to help the elimination of furballs.

They love the taste of this densely tufted and hardy grass that provides a ready supply of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for good health and well-being. It is particularly good for indoor cats.

When to plant: All year round as required.

How to grow: Your Seed Raiser contains Cat Grass Seed, a pre-measured amount of seed-raising mix, a reusable growing tray and a clear lid (note the pot pictured is for illustration purposes only).

Empty the seed-raising mix into the tray keeping a little back to cover your seeds later.
Moisten the soil by gently applying a small amount of water. Remove excess water by carefully tipping the tray to one side.
Sprinkle seeds evenly over the surface and lightly cover with the remaining mix.
Place the clear lid on and place in a warm position out of direct sunlight.
When seedlings emerge, remove the clear lid.

Growing Tips: Sow indoors all year round near a well-lit window and turn daily. Keep moist and as cats prefer young shoots, make repeat sowings every 2-3 weeks. Cut when 5-7cm long to prevent leaves becoming coarse. Can also be grown outdoors if required but it is best not grown in full sun.

Use: As required.