Mighty Chomp Coffee Wood Bar L

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Introducing Mighty Chomp Coffee Wood Chew Stick! This fantastic safe Coffee Wood stick is designed for our furry friends that love to chomp and help stop them from chewing on our things! It is also great for stimulating and satisfying their instinct to chew which in turn leads to a happy and healthy four legged friend!

- Natural feel
- Flakes instead of Splinters for extra safety
- Bumpy surface helps clean teeth and gums
- Made from sustainably grown and harvested Java wood from Coffee tree’s
- Wood is graded, dried and sanded for safety
- Stimulates your furry friends brain and helps distract from bad behaviour’s
- Mental and Physical Stimulation

Sizing is approximate:
Small - 16-20cm length x 9-10cm circumference
Medium - 15-25cm length x 12-13cm circumference
Large - 16-30cm length x 17-19cm circumference
XLarge - 17-40cm length x 18-19cm circumference