Microclimate Vivarium Thermostat Dl12me

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These Microclimate thermostats are Pulse proportional thermostat controlling up to 600 watts of any non light-emitting heat source. This model of Microclimate thermostat also comes with a 'Magic Eye'. This senses light intensity and once it falls below the required light setting, the thermostat switches to a night cycle of heat. This unit also has alarms to indicate when the temperature is not being reached, when it is being exceeded or if the heat source is not working. These are great for use in breeding animals that require a night cooling prior to mating. These units are fully wired with a flexible probe that can be positioned inside the vivarium with the unit sitting on the outside. This allows you to drill a small hole in the vivarium to pass the probe through. The thermostats are extremely accurate. These thermostats are not suitable for use with incandescent globes. Unit Size: 101 x 78 x 41mm