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The answer to easy, convenient, and responsible poop picker-uppage, Login Biohybrid Poop Bags are designed to break down naturally and are made from 25% annually renewable starch to minimise that doggy environmental pawprint.

The bags are leak-free and super sturdy, so they can pick up dog logs of virtually any size, while the core-free design ensures more bags per roll while minimising wastage. The bags also come wrapped in eco-friendly cardboard packaging to help ensure that your walks have the least impact on the environment.

Leak-free and sturdy
Sustainable alternative to plastic poo bags
Breaks down naturally over time to minimise your environmental pawprint
Eco-friendly cardboard packaging
Utilises world-leading biohybrid technology (made from 25% annually renewable starch)
Reduced carbon footprint (42% compared to other ‘eco-friendly’ products)
Core-free design means more bags per roll with minimal waste
9001 certified and committed to ISO 14040 (environmental life cycle management)