Living World Fruit & Vegie Mix 7pcs

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Fruit and Veggie Mix

Suitable for: rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets who like to nibble!

Recommended for: use as a boredom busting treat.

Since the 1970s, Living World has had a passion for caring for small pets and birds – who, in our humble opinion (and probably in Living Worlds opinion, too) deserve just as much love as bigger pets. Their extensive range of products encourages natural behaviour to make your pets feel instinctively comfortable in your home.

Living Worlds cute and colourful wooden chews are just what your nibbling rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mouse or ferret needs to keep their teeth and gums strong, while providing an excellent form of entertainment in the process. Each nibbler is made from all-natural ingredients and coated with non-toxic food colourants, for a safe gnaw every time.

Made from wood
Dyed with non-toxic food colourants
An excellent boredom buster for gnawers – also helps to keep their teeth and gums strong
Includes two pieces each of seven fruit designs, for fourteen pieces in total