Lifewise Canine Biotic Low Fat Turkey Oats & Veg 13kg

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LifeWise Pet Nutrition BIOTIC Low Fat

Built on a base of high-quality Turkey protein, this superbly balanced food contains a blend of essential nutrients that nourish the body whilst acting to assist in the reduction of inflammatory responses. It is particularly useful for animals suffering or recovering from gastric distress, high blood fat disorders, or inflammatory disorders such as pancreatitis. The underlying cause of disorders of this type is a reduction of diversity in the gut microbiome, and the advanced LifeWise nutritional technology provides nutritional support for rebuilding those microbial populations. BIOTIC Low Fat can be fed whenever a reduced fat diet is indicated. Transition to this food slowly, and if in doubt as to the appropriateness, please consult your veterinary adviser prior to use.

Specifically developed in conjunction with the science of nutrigenomics, this food can be used as a nutritional aid for dogs recovering from inflammatory distress disorders. The energy density of the food is 14.4MJ/kg (343 kcal/100g) and is free of GMO’s dairy, wheat, corn, soy and sugar. Manufactured and tested under ISO 17025 standards.

Turkey, oat groats, barley, sweet lupins, field peas, alfalfa, poultry oil stabilised with vitamin E and rosemary oil, carrot, spinach, sweet potato, parsley, kelp, yeast cell wall extract, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K, niacin, pantothenate, folic acid, biotin, and natural organic acids, minerals calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese and iodine. Also contains natural flavours and Yucca schidigera extract.

The BIOTIC range is specifically formulated using LifeWise advanced nutrition technology to both address the underlying cause of particular metabolic disorders whilst treating the physical symptoms at the same time.

Researchers now agree that metabolic disease conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory response disorders such as arthritis, pancreatitis, sensitive stomachs and leaky gut syndrome together with senile decay disorders, some cancers, and skin and gut allergies are all associated with dysbiosis of the gut microbiome. Dysbiosis is a shrinkage of microbial diversity and depending on the nature of the change of the microbial population, certain changes of metabolic function in the body occurs. These changes are the underlying cause of the disorder.

To sustainably overcome metabolic disorders requires the species diversity within the gut be restored to a healthy level. The primary way of reducing the effects of, and eliminating dysbiosis, is through the feeding of complementary food ingredients in precise ratios to foster the development of the microbiome. The road to good health is further supported by ensuring the supply of essential nutrients in the food specifically supports repair and recovery of the affected organ or part of the body.

The BIOTIC range will be progressively rolled out at the rate of one product per month. The first product being released in November 2020 is LifeWise BIOTIC Low Fat, and is especially useful for animals recovering from such issues as gastric distress, pancreatitis, hyperlipidaemia, or any other condition where a reduced fat diet is indicated. BIOTIC Low Fat can also be used as a weight loss diet provided care is taken with the amount of food offered per serve. This diet offers a minimum of 22% protein, 8% fat, and an energy content of 343 kcal/kg.