Lickimat Dog Classic Buddy Turquoise

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Enrich your pet's life with a LickiMat!

The LickiMat Buddy is perfect for serving raw food, wet food and delicious treats.

How to use it:

Spread your dog's favourite soft food or treat over the mat with the back of a spoon and let your buddy have the greatest time! You freeze to give your pet a longer reward challenge

Why use it:

Reduce anxiety, stress and boredom;
Promote fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums;
Slow down eating - Reduce Bloat Risk;
Stimulate saliva to aid digestive health;
Redirect all licking habits - good or bad;
Great for a snack or full meal;
BPA and PVC free, non-toxic food grade rubber, microwave proof, freezer-friendly;
Recommended for all sizes and breeds.
Size: 20cm x 20cm