Lickimat Cat Felix Purple

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Enrich feeding time for cats. Whisker friendly. Allows crouching whilst feeding. Authentic LickiMat Boredom buster for cats. Perfect for raw food, wet food, treats, yogurt, spreads, liquid food, pet food. Slow feeder, healthy and fun alternative to a cat feed bowl. Available in a variety of colours.

Features and Benefits

• Mimics cat's predatory feeding
• Reduces anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour
• Recommended for both dogs & cats
• Promotes licking
• Serve healthy treats
• Slower feeding & healthier feeding
• Alternative to feeding bowl
• Made from non-toxic food grade TPR
• 22 x 15 cm / 8.6? x 7?
• Suitable for all cats (and dogs - supervise pet for first few times until sure they will not chew mat)
• Freezer safe
• Microwave friendly
• Hand washable