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KONG Stuff`n Ziggies Chicken Treat For Small Dogs are Yummy Rewards Perfect For Stuffing Into Toys For Added Fun
Created with a yummy, irresistible flavour
Specially made for the special needs and delights of your dog
Nutritious and highly digestible
Tough, long lasting biscuit, ideal for stuffing inside your KONG toy to add extra fun to playtime
Effectively cleans teeth due to the natural abrasive action of your dog?s teeth against the hard treat
Freshens breath
Delectable savoury chicken flavour that will entice your dog
Made of high quality ingredients including natural parsley and rosemary
High in protein
Perfect for treating your dog
The large, rectangular sized treat is specially shaped to perfectly fit your dog?s large KONG rubber toy
Ideal for stuffing inside your KONG Classic and other small rubber toys for extended play
Great for ongoing mental and physical stimulation
Very tough texture with a red meaty interior, perfect for all day chewing
The treat is shaped like a thin sausage
Brown in colour with a red interior
Suitable for:

Small KONG Toys

7.5cm x 1.8cm x 1cm

KONG Toy is not included but can be purchased separately
Must not be fed to cats
For supervised consumption only
Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water